1 BEDROOM $275 - 2 BEDROOM $375 - 3 BEDROOM $450 - More? (call any location)


Why lease furnished apartments you ask? Renting furniture provides a flexible and economical way to meet your short-term furniture needs. Tel-A-Rent has a selection of quality furniture styles and accessories to furnish any home. Managing your furnished apartments is a labor intensive process that takes specialized expertise and needs constant attention. Tel-A-Rent Corporate Rentals Helps you handle all of the details and allow you to deliver top quality service to your residents at a reasonable cost. So, if you're renting furniture to market a furnished unit, call us to see how we can help. Furnished apartments are generally leased to corporate clients by apartment or condo managers. These leases are backed by the corporation, guaranteeing a reliable tenant who is willing to pay more than the standard rent to have everything included. By partnering with Tel-A-Rent, you can ensure that their furnishings are affordable, clean and attractive. Our corporate rental services division can help handle the management of these apartments so that there is no additional work for you and your staff. Selections for every lifestyle J


Collections for the entire apartment/home or individual rooms

Flexible lease options

Furnishings for every budget

NO Vacancy Costs!

NO Management Issues!

Market and Rent Your Apartments


We manage your furnished apartments for you

        Manage entire leased product- Service (if needed) & move-in and move-out process

We give your apartments a designer look

        Large selection of styles to choose from

        Sales consultants available to assist you and rapid delivery


Tel-A-Rent Apartment Modeling

Increase your occupancy rates by showing prospective tenants furnished models Sell your models as furnished apartments, increasing your return on each unit.


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